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Buying a house takes a long time. It can take two months between when you make an offer on a house to when you sign the purchase agreement and get your hands on the keys. For some buyers, this timeline is simply too long. Particularly if you are relocating for a job, you probably don’t have two months to wait—especially since that two-month timeline doesn’t even figure in how long it takes to find a house you want to buy.

When you want to expedite the buying process, it can be tempting to skip certain steps—such as the building inspection—to make things move along a bit faster. At Beyond Built Inspections, we can offer a better solution: faster building and pest inspections in Glenelg.

The Beyond Built Inspections Turnaround Time Guarantee

At Beyond Built Inspections, the last thing we want is for homebuyers to feel like they are under such extreme time pressure that they can’t do a full due diligence assessment of a potential property purchase. Having a building and pest inspection done on the Glenelg house you are considering for purchase is essential because it could save you thousands of dollars and substantial headache in the future.

Skipping the inspection means that you risk missing signs of infestations, structural defects, or sub-standard construction in your home. Needless to say, these issues can be quite costly to fix—costly enough that it’s always worth it to hire someone for a Glenelg building and pest inspection. Even if you are under time pressure, delaying your purchase a bit is better than spending $7,000 to rehab a termite infestation in a few months.

With the right building inspector in your corner, a Glenelg building inspection doesn’t even have to delay your purchase. At Beyond Built Inspections, we provide a service that is reputable, thorough and fast. We guarantee to have your inspection report to you within 24 hours after your scheduled inspection. We aren’t just saying that, either. On the contrary, if we don’t meet our 24-hour turnaround time, we will give you $100—guaranteed.

What to Expect from Your Glenelg Building and Pest Inspection Report

Best of all, you don’t see any drop in quality because of our speed. All our inspection reports are detailed, providing thorough reporting on all defects and photographic proof of each issue. For termite inspections, we even provide shots from a thermal imaging camera, so you can see what’s going on in the walls or floors of the home.

Finally, we will include advice on how to handle any defects we find. Some minor defects may be inexpensive to repair and therefore not worth altering your plan to purchase a property. In other cases, you might be able to negotiate with the seller to get a lower price because of defects. With extreme defects, of course, it could be wisest to walk away. Regardless of where on the spectrum your inspection lands, you can count on our team at Beyond Built Inspections to provide thoughtful advice based on knowledge and experience.

Don’t buy a house without an inspection just because you are crunched for time. Instead, give us a call at Beyond Built Inspections and schedule a building and pest inspection in Glenelg today. Remember: if we don’t get you your inspection report within 24 hours of the inspection, you get $100! Dial 0467 667 785 to reach us.

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