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Pre-purchase Inspection

What You Don’t Know About the home you have just fallen in love with, that may Cost You A Fortune! 
 Here’s How To Avoid the potential pitfalls & be prepared with the correct information

Pre Purchase Building Inspections Help you Buy your Home with Confidence. Guaranteed!

Pre Purchase Inspection on Adelaide Homes

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Beyond Built Inspections conduct pre-purchase house inspections across Adelaide and South Australia. We are experienced registered builders qualified to thoroughly assess the condition of a house before you decide to buy. There are so many different construction methods and structural elements of a house. These and the identification of defects make inspecting a house an extremely difficult task if you're not sure what you're looking for. This is where Beyond Built Inspections can help you make your decision a confident one across Adelaide and South Australia.
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Experienced builders

The team of experienced registered builders at Beyond Built Inspections have an understanding of the important components that make up a building. We are trained to meticulously investigate the parts of a house which are prone to structural damage. Buying a house without having a pre-purchase building inspection is incredibly risky. There are so many problems which can be hidden in a well presented house that require more than just an eager eye to identify. Beyond Built Inspections are experienced at uncovering these defects and problems and know all the tricks used by vendors to hide them. 
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Specialist advice

Beyond Built Inspections new home and pre-purchase inspections in Adelaide will identify both major and minor defects in any house or property that you're interested in. These inspections are essential in ensuring there are no hidden surprises to discover after you purchase. Our team of expert builders provide specialist advice on how major problems can affect your property over time. Beyond Built Inspections also ensure that your house or building conforms to any relevant building codes and standards. 
Beyond Built Inspections will provide fast professional service and a full detailed report emailed within the same day of the inspection. Minor issues with a building or property should not be a big concern. If any issues are discovered during an inspection, we can refer you to specialist third parties for fair repair quotes for your peace of mind.

Don't fall into the trap of buying the house of your dreams only to find out it's going to be a money pit once it's too late! A property inspection will inform you with the correct information and enable you to buy with confidence.

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