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Handover Inspection

 Worried That Something May Be Left Unfinished With Your New Home?

What You Don't Know May Cost You A Fortune! This Could be Your Last Chance to Make Sure that Your Home Has Been Built Exactly the Way it Was Supposed To Be

Building inspection experts in Adelaide

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A handover inspection can be your last chance to make sure that your house has been built exactly the way it was supposed to be. Beyond Built Inspections handover inspections can ensure that issues including compliance with provisions for bushfire safety, termite protection and wet area waterproofing are properly installed. We have the building and inspection expertise to make sure that all finishing touches are correct, from  correct falls in wet areas and ensuring workmanship of finishing trades is acceptable. 

Inspection Expertise

You may know your house inside out, but to know what contract documents and acceptable building practices actually require of a builder is another idea. Beyond Built Inspections conduct handover inspections meticulously, concisely reporting your concerns using building terminology. We can professionally inspect the workmanship quality and assess whether the terms of your contract have been delivered correctly. From specified finishes and colours, to counting the number of power points, Beyond Built Inspections can make the handover of your home a smooth process. 
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Thorough Reporting

A Beyond Built Inspections handover report will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the inspection. The report will include a list of any defects, omissions or certifications reasonably expected to be provider by the builder. Beyond Built Inspections will assist and advise on any discrepancies and explanations. Generally, your builder will go through the list and rectify as necessary and these fixes will be taken care of. Beyond Built Inspections will consult and advise you on every step of the process so that you can move into your dream home sooner.
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When you have your home inspected by Beyond Built Inspections, the task is being professionally undertaken by a licensed builder.
Calling Beyond Built Inspections guarantees that your job will be completed by a builder who has a license.
Would you know if Something has been Left Unfinished With Your New Home?

Have an Independent Inspection Carried out Before you make that Last Payment

Hand over building inspections are vital for your peace of mind. Having an independent fully qualified builder inspect all aspects of your building project, ensuring the building meets or exceeds all relevant Australian building standards and best building practices.
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Have your home inspected by Beyond Built for peace of mind

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