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Staged Building Inspections

The Quickest Way We Know To Take The Worry Out of Building And Ensure Your Home Is Built To Australian Standards

Thorough building inspections in adelaide

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Beyond Built Inspections will thoroughly inspect a building at any or all stages of its construction. Our team of experienced builders and inspectors carefully assess the‘bones’of the building, ensuring a sound structure before the installation of elements such as plaster linings, services, roof sealing and cleaning of wall cavities. Beyond Built Inspections can ensure that the wall and roof frame of your new home are sound and secure. Staged building inspections are vital for your peace of mind. Having a fully qualified independent builder oversee all aspects of your building project, ensuring the building meets or exceeds all relevant standards and best building practices.
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We Offer “6” Staged Building Inspections During & Post Building

Footings (N/A inspected by engineer)
For Single Storey Homes:
1. Wall and Roof Frame 
2. Brick Work and Roof Cover 
3. 2ND Fix or lock up  
4. Handover/Practical Completion
(additional inspections are required for double storey homes)

5. 90 Day Maintenance Warranty Period 
6. Five Year Statutory Warranty Period

Quality assessment

People often rely on their builder to build their home according to the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards. Unfortunately, it is supervisors who often run the construction process and are not always registered builders. They may not have studied building or be aware of correct building methods. Beyond Built Inspections under construction inspections ensure that a builder has completed their work according to the relevant Australian Standards and good trade practices.
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Trained inspectors

During Beyond Built Inspections under construction inspections, we have uncovered many elements and issues which do not conform to relevant building codes, standards and workmanship principles. An untrained person wouldn’t know to look for or be aware of issues including the following poor bonding and tying of brickwork or inadequate roof tie down straps. Beyond Built Inspections can detect these defects for your before it's too late.
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