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Pre Sale Building Inspections

How To Get The Maximum Price For Your Home And Avoid Losing The Top Buyer!

Thinking of placing your home on the market?

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After talking to a few local agents regarding pre-sale house inspections, it has come up that it would be better for home owners to have their home inspected prior to putting it on the market. This way the vendor is in control and not caught off guard when a potential purchaser wants to get one as a condition of sale.

Purchasers are getting inspections more and more for peace of mind, so why not get your own done as part of your marketing, your agent would be able to use it as a sales tool, and anything that may deter a potential buyer can be sorted beforehand. You could even offer to let them view your report or refer them on to me to discuss your home in detail and any concerns they may have. 

This inspection documents the property's condition and identifies problems that may need rectified or addressed prior to listing.
If there are major defects that may adversely affect the property's market value it is entirely up to the home owner to choose to undertake the necessary repairs or renovations prior to listing or simply reflect these in your price. It can potentially add thousands of additional dollars to the sale of the home. You get to choose so you sell your home faster for the price you want. And you stay in control of your sale.

It protects you long after your contract has settled from the buyer making any claims against you for misrepresenting your property to them and concealing defects. The truth is buyers place a very high value on knowing that a reputable, licenced, and insured building inspector has inspected your property.  A Pre Sale Building inspection will inform you with the correct information so you're prepared to Sell will Confidence.

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