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How to Find a Reputable Team for Building and Pest Inspections in West Lakes

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Whether you are buying a house to call home, acquiring a piece of property as an investment or purchasing new digs for your business, the last thing you want is to end up with a property that has numerous problems. Faulty wiring, termite infestations, cracked foundations, mould and roof problems are all issues that can be extremely costly to fix. They are also things that the average person might not be able to identify during a cursory walkthrough of a property with an estate agent—hence the need for building and pest inspections in West Lakes.

Beyond Built Inspections: Your Source for West Lakes Building Inspections

If you need a building and pest inspection for a property in West Lakes, look no further than Beyond Built Inspections. With 28 years of experience in the building industry, we are knowledgeable about the structural and construction elements of homes and commercial buildings that many people overlook. Whether a building was constructed with sub-standard materials or has been overrun by termites, we will identify any issues before you buy.

The Challenge with Hiring a Trustworthy Building Inspector in the Adelaide Area

If you are looking to hire someone to perform a pre-purchase building and pest inspection in West Lakes, you are already on the right track to being a smart buyer. No matter how much you love a piece of property, and no matter how confident you feel that it is a sound investment, it is always a good idea to make sure. A West Lakes building inspection can give you the peace of mind you need.

However, hiring a reputable building inspector in the Adelaide area isn’t always easy. The building inspection industry is completely unregulated in Adelaide, which means that anyone can bill themselves as a building inspector. However, just because someone advertises a building inspection business doesn’t mean that they have the skills or experience to do the job well. If you are going to hire someone for a West Lakes building and pest inspection, at least make sure you are hiring someone you can trust.

At Beyond Built Inspections, we have the credentials and experience to prove to our customers that we are reputable. Where many so-called ‘building inspectors’ in the Adelaide area have contractors work licences, we are licenced and registered builders. All our inspections are carried out by someone who knows how to build houses (and who has been doing it for the better part of three decades). As a result, we can spot structural issues or signs of substandard workmanship that other inspectors might miss.

To protect our customers further, we perform all our inspections in accordance with Australian standards. We conduct all building inspections to satisfy Australian Standard 4349.1-2007, while all timber pest inspections conform to AS 4349.3-2010 and 3660.2.

Are you interested in learning more about our West Lakes building and pest inspection services? To speak with Beyond Built Inspections about your inspection needs, give us a call on 0467 667 785.
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