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Why You Should Have a Pre-Purchase Inspection in Adelaide and How to Find a Reputable Company

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Purchasing a new home can be daunting, especially when there could potentially be many problems that you might not be aware of without professional help. Sometimes, people deplete their life savings and take out a huge mortgage to buy a property only to find the cost of repairs requires a further significant investment. If you want to know you’re spending money wisely on your next dream house, you ought to have a pre-purchase inspection in Adelaide.

Understandably, you’ll be looking to reduce costs wherever possible because purchasing a property is a costly endeavour, but you shouldn’t try to cut corners to avoid a pre-purchase building inspection. However, though many companies in Adelaide offer such a service, you should know that they don’t need to be certified by law to carry out the task. Thankfully, you can feel confident in the results of a pre-purchase building inspection in Adelaide by calling our professionals.

At Beyond Built Inspections, we’ve been working in the construction industry for over 28 years, and we’ve acquired the in-depth knowledge required to carry out thorough inspections you can trust. We can inspect both domestic and commercial buildings within 75km of Adelaide’s CBD, and we’re here to put your mind at ease when buying a new home. Keep reading below to find out what makes pre-purchase inspections so crucial and why so many property hunters contact us.

Don’t Take Any Risks: Contact Us for a Pre-Purchase Inspection in Adelaide

If you’ve never considered having a pre-purchase inspection before, you might want to do so for the following reasons:

  • Ensure the property is structurally sound – Structural damages aren’t just expensive to fix, but they could also result in injury or collapse in severe cases. Make sure you call the professionals to check the structural integrity of the building before any money changes hands.
  • Check for pests – Pests living in the walls of your home or the timber frame can be difficult to remove, so you might want to ensure the property will only provide a habitat for you and your family.
  • Estimate the repair costs – Sometimes, buying a home with minor issues isn’t a bad idea because you can secure a fantastic deal, but you need to have an idea of how much you need to spend to put things right.
  • Secure peace of mind – Inspectors can check for a broad range of problems in a property, giving you the confidence to go ahead with a purchase knowing you’re spending money wisely.

Why You Should Choose Us

At Beyond Built Inspections, we know how to find just about any property issue thanks to 28 years of working in the building industry, and we can carry out comprehensive pre-purchase inspections in Adelaide in just two hours and guarantee to provide the report in under 24 hours. Your home will likely be your most valuable asset, and because you might live there for years or even decades, you need to know it’s in good condition before you part with your money. If you want trained professionals and certified pest inspectors to ensure your potential new property is in full working order, contact us today, and we’d be delighted to offer a helping hand.
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