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Did you know that roughly one in every three Australia homes has a termite infestation of some level? Or that Australians spend somewhere in the neighbourhood of $1.5 billion each year to treat termite infestations and repair termite damage?

Indeed, termites may be small, but they can wreak havoc on your home if you don’t catch an infestation early. Since termite damage is almost always unplanned maintenance, it can put you and your family in a tight financial spot. These are just a few reasons to schedule a termite inspection for your property, or any property you are thinking about purchasing.

Trust Beyond Built Inspections for Your Adelaide Termite Inspection

At Beyond Built Inspections, we help homeowners and homebuyers protect themselves against infestation expenses with thorough termite inspections in Adelaide. Are you getting ready to buy a house? Purchasing a home is, for most people, life’s biggest investment, so it is important to make sure you are buying wisely. A pre-purchase inspection from Beyond Built Inspections can include both a termite inspection and a building inspection—giving you the information you need to make a smart final buying decision.

Even if you get a termite inspection done as a pre-purchase precaution, and even if the inspection comes back clean, it is still important to establish a routine of ongoing inspections as well. While the estimation is that one-third of Australian houses currently have a termite presence, another statistic suggests that two-thirds of Australian homes will contend with termites at some point in their lifetimes. One Adelaide termite inspection that earns your home a clean bill of health is merely an indication that the home is infestation free at that moment in time—not that is isn’t vulnerable to termites and other pests in the future.

At Beyond Build Inspections, we typically recommend that our customers schedule termite inspections for their Adelaide homes on an annual basis. Having one inspection every year will hopefully allow you to spot infestation signs early. The reason termite damage costs Australian building owners so much money every year is not necessarily that termites eat through timber at a rapid rate, but that they often go undetected for months or years. By the time their presence becomes obvious, it is too late. Routine inspections from an experienced professional will help you identify and resolve termite presences before they result in catastrophic damage to your home.

Save Thousands of Dollars with the Help of Beyond Built Solutions

Repairing a home that has been decimated by termites can cost thousands of dollars, between treating the infestation and carrying out the actual repairs. Regular termite inspections will not necessarily save you from having to pay for treatments and repairs, but they will help you minimise damage and control expenses. Hopefully, you will end up being in that lucky one-third of Australian homeowners who never need to deal with termite infestations. To give yourself peace of mind and protect your most valuable asset, though, it is essential to find someone you trust to perform regular Adelaide termite inspections. We hope you will choose to trust our team at Beyond Built Inspections.

To schedule a termite inspection with Beyond Build Inspections, give us a call on 1300 20 30 20.
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